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What people are saying about us...

“(They) conjured the ragged glory of The Replacements ...and I await future performances from the (not so) Painful Reminders.”

- Reed Strength, contributor Paste Magazine


“Y'all were the first band who played here that I didn't ####'ing hate.”

- Employee at one of Birmingham's finest venues


Praise for the "Rurnt" EP:


"I dig it. Got an Old 97's meets southern punk vibe." 

- Drew Morgan, Co-Host of WellRed Podcast & Co-Author of The Liberal Redneck Manifesto 

"Fun, loud, and with a too-clever-to-be-sad kind of devil-may-care. It's reminiscent of my Friday nights in the early nineties when I still found comfort in a loud car stereo and Natty Light was just as good a fix as any." 

- Nathan Peek of Long Bony Arms 


"For every guitar loving Southerner who has a love/hate relationship with the South. If you've ever double-fisted PBR while wondering how much steroid-related shrinkage today's country superstars suffer from, then The Painful Reminders is for you." 

- Chris Wright, Morning Host at The Lake 105.1 WRFS 


An unabashed celebration of country, punk, folk, and rock that reminds us all that as long as we have breath in our lungs, gas in the tank, and a heart pumping blood, we can turn up the stereo, put the pedal down, and grip the steering wheel tight as we each hug the turns on this twisted road of life. Enjoy responsibly.


Influences: Wilco, The Replacements, Old 97, Cracker, Big Star, The Jayhawks, Drivin N Cryin, and Gram Parsons.

Based in Birmingham, AL
Founded in 2008
Genre: #Rock #AltCountry 
Label: Rymerica
Bart Styes
Trey McClure
Jake Smith
William Murray
Joe Green


Bart Styes draws from a wide group of hungry, broke and available musicians to assemble the Painful Reminders. Tighten your belt for a rollicking set of country, folk, Americana, roots rock with punk swagger.

Rymerica Records, Brooklyn, NY
Nick Rymer, 205-246-1370
We cannot be managed.
We dare defend our rock.
Bart Styes, 205-790-1803
Rymerica Creative Solutions
Nick Rymer, Brooklyn, NY, 205-246-1370

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